Jeffrey R. San Francisco, CA 3/17/2022
Talked to a very helpful person who gave great advice but actually charged me nothing.
Hawaii H. Auburn, CA 1/14/2022
Brent is a Rockstar! Knows his stuff, super nice, very insightful, very very helpful, and not looking to take your wallet. Look no further!
Jason P. 北中城村, Japan 10/7/2021
I was struggling trying to find a way to serve doccuments in Japan. Then I met Brent, his enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air, he immediately devised a solution and followed through every step of the way, until the service and filing was complete. His positive attitude and professionalism is truly one of a kind. Thanks again Brent you Rock!
B P. Napa, CA 5/19/2021
Brent is a pro! This was considered a difficult serve that another company gave up on: retirees, rural residence with acreage, completely fenced with powered gates, no intercom, no cellphone reception... When I called Brent, he looked at their property on Google Earth and assured me that he would do his best. First he went to try their gate and confirmed what I had described. On his second visit he just walked along the fenceline to the back and spotted the subject's wife gardening, and she unwittingly came to the fence, told her name and received the documents. He took multiple photos of the conversation [including her frown upon realizing that she had been served!!!], and notified me just hours later that the job was done. And their rates are completely reasonable.
Ehn Y. Roseville, CA 4/15/2021
He patiently explained the details of the process and was very supportive and friendly. Definitely recommend them for your process serving needs!
Tony W. Rocklin, CA 1/8/2021
Tony, Rocklin

Went to the office in Auburn to hire him, he told me how to complete the task myself, printed me some copies, gave me some hand sanitizer and told me no charge for his service. Not often I get customer service like that anywhere, I will recommend this place anytime. Thank you
V L. Hayward, CA 11/2/2020
Great service! Did a great job serving court papers to a person that was actively avoiding being served. Mike got the job done. He filmed the service encounter and provided excellent communication throughout the process. Highest recommendation.
Henry R. Fort Bragg, CA 2/28/2018
One lady on here said "this guy walks on water" I can say she was not wrong.....Brent is a bit on the pricy side but you get what you pay for...imagine you rent a car......Do you want the BUGATTI or the Toyota Yaris? Yeah Brent is the BUGATTI of Process services....you will not be disappointed at all...got my job done fast and informative. Thank you Bud. Job well done. Worth every penny spent.
Diana R. Santa Cruz, CA 7/26/2018
Our firm just sent papers to be served in Placer County, knowing it would be a difficult serve. Because of a previous job he did for us, I knew Brent would get it done. After 40 years working in law offices, I can think of only 2 or 3 process servers that I've had as much confidence in. Brent is smart, easy to talk to, savvy and knows his stuff -- not just the 'niche' of process service, but how the system works. If he needs to get "intel" on someone who's evading, etc., he has his sources and does whatever it takes. I think he really enjoys his job and that just might be why he's so good at it. This is no kid trying to work his way through school; he is a pro. There aren't many like him around. I wouldn't hesitate to call him for any assignment.
Matt B. Cupertino, CA 9/9/2016
Brent called me to say that I had given him a tough job. I was expecting bad news when he informed me the job was done! Very impressed by how quickly he was able to find and serve these people with minimal information. I highly recommend Placer County Process Service.
Tom E. Roseville, CA 9/12/2019
Placer County Process Service is the only company you need to call to get the job done!! When I spoke to Brent I Knew right away this guy takes care of business I could tell when we spoke the confidence in his voice that Brent Walks On Water!! Thanks for all your Help Brent!!
Amy K. San Francisco, CA 8/28/2019
I chose Placer County Service because it was recommended by the county clerk at the Justice Center. Excellent service!! It was very easy!!! My agent, Brent, was AMAZING!! He contacted me right away, kept me informed all through the process and gave good guidance. He was very clear about costs, which were fair, especially since my service turned out to be a bit complicated. He gave me a welcome break when he couldn't complete the service (at first), but had put in significant time nonetheless. I am very grateful to Brent and Placer County Service for the professionalism, kindness, and expertise. Highly recommend!
Trish M. Grass Valley, CA 3/13/2019
Look no further. Brent is the guy. Placer County Process Service is the place to have anyone served who is on or off the radar. He will find them. We set up a sting op and Brent cleverly executed it to precision. He brilliantly blended into the Urban Jungle to complete the personal service. He is a hard worker, always available to communicate, cares, has integrity and provides RESULTS! I highly recommend!!
Sophia D. San Francisco, CA 2/18/2019
Brent is amazing ! He was honest and upfront with me re: a difficult service. NO games, kept me updated, and GOT IT DONE !!! His pricing was 100% reasonable and worth every penny. We will definitely use Brent again!
Cori R. Roseville, CA 11/15/2018
I called Placer County Process Service today just to ask some questions, as I was being harassed via phone by someone (unaffiliated with Placer County Process Service) claiming to be a process server. I felt uncomfortable and like I had done something wrong I didn't know about. I am unsure who answered the phone when I called but he was AMAZING. He assured me that I was being scammed, and told me to call anytime I had a question. He spoke with me for over 5 minutes and asked me questions and answered some of mine. i feel so much more at ease now. Thank you Placer County Process Service.
Clear Tech E. San Francisco, CA 10/3/2018
I needed a local process service. I called Brent and he was on it within a few hour the person was served and this person was a difficult one to get a hold of......Your awesome Brent !!! You made my life so much easier by filing the paper work too....
Vickie G. Nevada City, CA 8/30/2018
SUPER, Fantastic, Amazing, describes Placer County Process Service! Brent is the GREATEST!!! No one can dodge him! He is fast and a joy to talk to. He takes his job seriously and loves what he does. This is my first time using this service and I see the list of more he can do through out my case. I'm calling him every time I need help with the many services he offers. He will make you happy too. I highly recommend you call Placer County Process Service Inc. They get the job done.
Bridgette T. Sacramento, CA 8/17/2018
I have never had to use a process server before. I was recommended to Brent by a regional manager for our company. Brent certainly did not disappoint. From the moment I inquired about services to actually getting the process going, he made everything really easy from start to finish. The person he was trying to locate was a little harder to find - with multiple attempts from my company to locate her but he found the person we were trying to serve and kept me updated throughout the whole process. His passion for what he does it truly admirable and he is very detailed with his findings. I highly recommend Brent to get the job done!
Fabiana S. Citrus Heights, CA 10/21/2017
This is the guy!!!!! He walks on water! When we started this hunt we were completely lost on how to find this person. Brent made it all possible! His knowledge, professionalism and caring is beyond words! His not just a process server his beyond that! Trust him he will get the job done!!! I can not thank him enough for all his work! You will be in good hands! Thank you Brent for everything!!!!!
Carol S. Renton, WA 10/14/2017
I work for a law firm in Seattle and needed a process server in California to get multiple serves done. I contacted Brent, discussed what I needed and provided him with the service documents. All of the deadlines were met, affidavits of service were provided right away and his fees were very reasonable. He took a very stressful situation off my hands and handled it with ease. I would recommend Brent and Placer County Process Service for all of your service needs. I wish we had a company like this in Seattle for me to use on a daily basis. His responsiveness and professionalism goes a long way these days.
Lynne V. Clovis, CA 9/23/2016
Brent at Placer County Process Service is the best process server ever. We have used his services for all of our Northern California cases. He is extremely knowledgeable and goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done!
Katey K. Galt, CA 9/8/2016
The firm I work for uses Brent for its most important jobs. He is honest, friendly and he WILL get the job done!
Tracy W. Chico, CA 12/21/2015
Brent has been my go to guy for almost 15 years. He always goes the extra mile.
Melly O. San Francisco, CA 9/24/2014
Fast and friendly!
Susan R. Discovery Bay, CA 1/5/2014
Experience, integrity, tenacity and real trade craft. Knowledge of the system and the process and how to support your case, legally and efficiently. Placer County Precess Service is the best!